November 24, 2004 -- Volume 5, No. 47 NEWS - The premier newsletter for the drinking water quality community.
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Sequestering juries keeps them isolated, but does it work for iron? French utility touts "Eau de Rosined"! How many ways can you re-arrange two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom? EPA's comprehensive guidance manuals on LT1ESWTR available. There may be another situation where chloramines are involved with elevated lead levels. The MTBE is in the wells......but finding the source is not easy. It's Burlington: Town vs. City in Wisconsin......who will get to spend $22 million for iron and sulfur water treatment? USGS tells us how to say (and understand) the water cycle in 50 languages.

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Federal Update
  • Two new guidance manuals available from USEPA for the Long Term 1 ESWTR
  • USEPA contracted with others to conduct focus groups on nonpoint source pollution. Summary of findings (pdf file, 3 pages) and the Final Report (pdf file, 48 pages)
    Commentary: Water utilities will be interested in this report because, in general, it has good info about "public" reaction to issues, but specifically, because younger persons surveyed "seemed particularly concerned to learn that drinking water (both from treatment plants and commercial bottlers) is not routinely tested for certain contaminants."
State Updates
Water Research
  • What is the real molecular structure of H-Two-O? (Space Daily, November 12)
    Commentary: It's not the Big Game (Northern California style, of course), but UC-Berkeley has found another way to disagree with their Stanford "colleagues."  It's all about the fundamental properties of water.
Water Treatment
Water Treatment Residuals: From Troublesome Sludge to Desirable Commodity

Quality services that ensure safe drinking water -- McGuire Environmental Consultants, Inc. McGuire Environmental Consultants, Inc. (MEC) offers specialty services to assist utilities in managing water treatment residuals (WTRs). We can assist utilities with recycle audits, Filter Backwash Recycle Rule (FBRR) compliance, arsenic residuals management, selection of innovative dewatering methods, and optimization of existing WTR facilities. Most importantly, we can help utilities determine the unique chemical and physical characteristics of their WTR, evaluate and recommend options, and establish a viable beneficial use program.

For more information on these services, please contact Jim DeWolfe at or visit
  • Greenville, NC will notify customers of elevated lead levels (Greenville Daily Reflector, November 17) Greenville Utilities Lead Fact Sheet (pdf file, 7 pages)
    Commentary: Greenville's several previous rounds of lead testing showed very low lead levels. The current round of sampling, which resulted in about 25% of the samples exceeding the 15 ppb Action Level, apparently is the first since a December 2002 switch to chloramines. Ozone is the primary disinfectant; GUC also uses a corrosion inhibitor.
Private Wells
Water Contamination
Arizona News
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