June 9, 2004 -- Vol. 5, No. 23
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This week's NEWS

Seattle now in compliance with lead levels. Major California drinking water supply threatened by levee break. DC kicks off corrosion-control treatment in "test area." EPA's IG says SWAP is OK....mostly. Hexavalent chromium is never totally out of mind or out of the news.........at least in Hinkley! Parents: Maybe that law-school tuition bill wasn't too bad a deal after all. There's lots of MTBE still out there.........and then, of course, there is perchlorate. NC toxicologist "damns (drinking water) with faint praise" (very faint!). Happy Birthday, USGS!

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Central California Levee Break Lead
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Water Legalities SDWA Compliance Issues
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Arizona Links Water Security Source Water Protection
Early Monitoring For LT2 Compliance

Quality services that ensure safe drinking water -- McGuire Environmental Consultants, Inc. Due to limited approved lab capacity, USEPA has stated its intent to grandfather Cryptosporidium data collected by utilities prior to finalization of the Long Term 2 Enhanced Surface Water Treatment Rule later this year. McGuire Environmental Consultants (MEC) has teamed up with Clancy Environmental Consultants (CEC) to offer their clients early monitoring and consulting services. CEC is a USEPA-approved LT2 lab, and MEC, with wide expertise in treatment for Cryptosporidium and other pathogenic microorganisms, can provide assistance with LT2 compliance based on the results of early monitoring.

If your utility will be subject to LT2 regulations, contact us to learn about the advantages of early monitoring. Please click here to learn more or contact Michael MacPhee at mmacphee@mcguireinc.com for more information.

Groundwater Issues Fluoridation
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Arsenic Perchlorate MTBE
  • Rural NC area residents wonder about MTBE from landfill (Shelby Star, June 3)
    Commentary: With friends like these, a public water system sure doesn't need any enemies. In response to private well owners seeking public system hookups in an area where MTBE is showing up in the groundwater and where there seems to be a number of unregulated landfills nearby, the state toxicologist is reported to have said: "County water is formable chlorinated water with other chemicals," he said. "You have less chemicals in your water now than if you go with county water." Ouch!

  • New York condo complex gets safe water trucked in after MTBE detections (Journal News, June 7)
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Chromium General Water Info Private Wells
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Training International
Website Design and Development
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• Website Design
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