May 26, 2004 -- Vol. 5, No. 21 NEWS - The premier newsletter for the drinking water quality community.
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State's MCL update is valuable tool with good advice for other states. Here's what constitutes compliance with fluoridation requirements... in Ohio. What else will chloramines be blamed for? NDMA? Lead? The early departure of the Kings and Nets from the NBA playoffs? And what is "lead-free"? What will it be? Massachusetts compares its perchlorate to California and comes out lower? More stringent? Better? Everyone is waiting for NAS. Important EPA-USAF TCE health effects review is set. NRWA gets funds to help rural systems with source water protection. More mystery sources of perchlorate?

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...and NDMA?
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Federal Update State Updates
  • Idaho has its own Reg/Neg going to adopt some federal rules by reference and to clarify state language; draft available June 2nd
  • Massachusetts produces excellent, user-friendly annual update of DW standards and guidelines (PDF file, 17 pages)
    Commentary:  The MA update raises the bar for other primacy states who may want to emulate this really, good idea combining a clear indication of what's new with a comprehensive current list. The use of MMCL for state standards to differentiate from federal MCLs is helpful. (The difference between standards and guidance, however, is not clear, at least to an out-of-stater.) Now... if only wastewater regulators in certain other states would heed the Massachusetts DEP's cautionary statement about the applicability of these DW standards:
    "The standards and guidelines published in this list are derived for the specific circumstances associated with drinking water.  The assumptions used in establishing the numbers are therefore specific to drinking water situations and discretion must be exercised when using the guidance for situations other than contaminated drinking water. "

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...and NDMA? ...and Lead? Lead
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Laboratory Issues Perchlorate Fluoridation Arsenic
MEC Arsenic Services: Is Your Utility Compliant with the Arsenic Rule?

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McGuire Environmental Consultants, Inc. has extensive arsenic expertise and offers a range of services that can assist your utility in developing an arsenic strategy and becoming arsenic compliant.

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