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Chloramines were blamed, in part, for DC lead problems, but the jury is still out... now AWWA shines the spotlight on how to make the conversion from chlorine. Where there is smoke (or perchlorate), there is... RDX? New Mexico strategizes on arsenic compliance. What is saline water... and what levels of salts cause kidney problems? What happens when a health advisory for drinking water is made less stringent? Nothing... if you ask one industry about perchlorate. The price of steel may keep water pressure low in one city. Where don't you want to be when the outlet valve on a 500,000 gallon tank of liquid manure fails? Preferably not downstream: standing by the outlet or running the WTP down river.

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Source Water Protection Issues
  • Huge liquid manure spill 16 miles upstream shuts down St. Cloud, MN's WTP as precaution
    (St. Cloud Times, May 2)
    Commentary: While even school children sing the mantra "Dilution is no solution to pollution," it doesn't hurt to have millions of gallons in the Mississippi River to at least whisk a giant slug of manure past a city's water treatment plant intake in a hurry. What the City's operators knew about travel times in the river and its tributaries was a big help and an example of PPPPP (Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance). Quick notification by the offending farm's workers was a big factor in enabling the precautions and there is a lesson there: Better to be praised for forthcoming quickly than to... spend time in the slammer.

  • Rapid City, SD area water systems have good water... and want to keep it that way
    (Rapid City Journal, May 2)

General Endocrine Disruptors
  • Kansas State researcher finds trace levels of antibiotics in wastewater
    (Topeka Capitol Journal, May 4)
    Commentary: While the Journal headline writer may worry about the "affect" of these chemicals, the researcher is more concerned about the "effect" they may have in contributing to the major emerging problem facing medicine: Common disease-causing bacteria are becoming more and more resistant to many antibiotics. Having them floating around in the water environment may not be desirable, but what's the policy solution? Removing them from wastewater? From drinking water? Or not all?

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Lead Copper Trihalomethanes
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Is Your Utility Considering a Switch to Chloramines?

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If your utility is considering chloramines, or if you are experiencing nitrification or other issues with your current conversion, we can help. Please click here to learn more or contact Michael McGuire at for more information.

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Perchlorate & RDX Radionuclides MTBE
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Desalination Alternative Drinking Water Sources Private Wells Water Meetings International
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