April 21, 2004 -- Vol. 5, No. 16
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Almost a billion bucks doled out to states from EPA for FY2004... didn't that start back in October? Radium and uranium issues go from California to New Jersey with a stop in Illinois... then on to Ireland and Australia. Public radio spins off DC lead problem to question drinking water safety... and SDWA implementation. But, NRWA addresses DC water issue by having each state affiliate bring one gallon of their best small water to town. Addressing TCE/PCE contaminated GW requires multi-prong attack. When do you issue the Boil Water Order... later or sooner?

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Lead.....and a whole lot more!
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Lead.....and a whole lot more!
  • Audio from NPR's Morning Edition...on lead problem in DC and more (NPR, April 19 and 20) Commentary: This two-part NPR piece (each part is about 10 minutes long) is caustically critical of public drinking water systems in general, and of EPA and the "water industry" in particular. The first part focuses on the lead issue in DC but the second expands on the theme of "antiquated water systems" in America. There are lots of "I told you so's" featuring Representative Henry Waxman (D-CA), Jim Elder and "water researcher" Eric Olson. Their apparent solution seems simple: Replace all water infrastructure in the nation, install all possible advanced treatment processes available (UV, RO, you name it) since old-fashioned methods like filtration and chlorination are passé. Oh yeah... and get a candidate for President to run on the platform of providing the funding to do it all.
  • DC utility begins high-risk lead service line replacement; 40% of test kits not yet returned (Washington Post, April 16 - free registration required)
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  • Timing of Boil Water Advisory at issue in Canadian city's E. coli incident
    (Telegraph Journal, April 19)

    Commentary: St. John, New Brunswick apparently uses surface water with only chlorination treatment. A chlorination failure was detected, corrected and follow-up coliform sampling initiated. When E. coli was confirmed in the sampled water, a BWA was issued. But, should it have been done immediately when the chlorination-only treatment failure was detected? Officials are meeting to debate that issue.
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