March 17, 2004 -- Vol. 5, No. 11 NEWS - The premier newsletter for the drinking water quality community.
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California perchlorate PHG finally hits the fan. Hyperbole carries the day in Nevada when radioactivity is involved. Maybe the Martians call it dihydrogen monoxide... or is it styrofoam? Desalination issues are bi-coastal. Interior states hope all the problems are solved before global warming brings the saltwater closer to them. Here we go with those "factoids" again! Pete Seeger would say: "When will we ever learn, when will we ever learn?" Things get a little weird with fluoridation under the Northern Lights. Arsenic treatment and compliance issues are curious for the curious. Keizer goes home to Oregon but you will find NEMO in Maine.

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Federal Update
  • EPA 2003 water factoids (PDF file, 15 pages)
    Commentary: Another annual report and another vocabulary lesson for our dear friends at EPA. This publication is chock-full of useful water information and wonderful statistics. Presumably, they all are true; "things known for certain to have occurred or to be true." That would make them FACTS (per OED). To the contrary, a FACTOID is "an assumption or speculation that is reported and repeated so often that it becomes accepted as fact; a simulated or imagined fact." Our EPA isn't making this stuff up, are they? No... that would be the job of the Defense Department. But wait, what's this next story?

  • Inspector General report finds that USEPA's drinking water compliance reports are misleading (San Diego Union Tribune, March 12) The I.G.'s report (PDF file, 22 pages)
State Updates
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Like the big newspapers, who put their corrections in very small print on page 19, or the medical profession, we would prefer to bury ours too.  But when, as one of our faithful readers told us, "you aren't even close", we are obliged to FUUP (that's 'fess up, up front!). Last week we put the city of Keizer in New Jersey when it belongs in Oregon. Hey, we were only 3227 miles off.
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NDMA Technical Knowledge Transfer Lead
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Desalination Water Violations Fluoridation
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Water Security
MEC Services: Groundwater Contamination Assessment and Control

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Arsenic Nitrate
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Strange but... true? Radionuclides
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PCE and TCE Water Recycling MTBE Water Aesthetics
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Private Wells International
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