March 3, 2004 -- Vol. 5, No. 9 NEWS - The premier newsletter for the drinking water quality community.
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Former EPA Water chief blasts EPA over DC lead problems. Congressionals accuse EPA of muzzling Region staff and following "don't look-don't find" perchlorate on DOD facilities. If it says so in the news, it must be true! EPA issues lengthy errata sheet on multiple regulations. If at first you can't PQL, then try, try again. Is that your friendly epidemiologist spamming you? Chilean fertilizer given credit for some perchlorate contamination of Southern California groundwaters. So that's why Julia and Nicole were getting all the looks?

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Federal Update State Updates
  • Ohio provides "crystal clear" interim guidance on analytical and reporting acronyms
    (PDF file, 27 pages)
    Commentary: WARNING!!! Engineers and operators are advised NOT to look at any of these 27 pages. Only highly-trained, certified, qualified and registered lab mavens will be able to grasp the delicate subtleties of this well-crafted missal on detection, quantification (quantitation?) and reporting. Case-in-point, p. 6: "A measured level becomes believable when it is larger than the uncertainty associated with it. A point at which this occurs is the MDL." OK, now we all understand what these things mean in Ohio. What about the other 49 states?

  • Montana's Big Sky Clearwater Spring 2004 newsletter (PDF file, 47 pages)
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Water Security Perchlorate
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Disinfection By-Products Microbiological Lead in Washington, DC
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Water Contamination Water Treatment Fluoridation
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MEC Arsenic Services: Is Your Utility Compliant with the Arsenic Rule?

Quality services that ensure safe drinking water -- McGuire Environmental Consultants, Inc. Developing an arsenic strategy that incorporates regulatory compliance, monitoring programs, treatment options, and arsenic removal can be an extremely complicated process.

McGuire Environmental Consultants, Inc. has extensive arsenic expertise and offers a range of services that can assist your utility in developing an arsenic strategy and becoming arsenic compliant.

For more information, please contact Michelle Frey, Ph.D. at, or visit
Private Wells Nitrate
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Radium Water Journals
  • Australian Water Association journal, WATER, has interesting articles
    Commentary: Within WATER, the Water Industry Operators Association presents WATERWORKS, a twice/yr operations-oriented publication. The December, 2003 issue has excellent discussions on pH buffering with CO2 and lime combination (p. 38) and on using the HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) technique to solve problems and optimize treatment at a large Australian water treatment plant (p. 44).

Water Taste Test MTBE
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Leukemia Clusters Meetings
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