February 18, 2004 -- Vol. 5, No. 7
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Now there's one more way to tag those pesky coliforms. Arnold's top enviro-man says no California perchlorate drinking water MCL for 18 months. That fight to keep MTBE from getting a free ride in the Energy Bill isn't finished: The fat lady is just warming up! Get those "good vibrations" without going to the beach. Boil water advisories generate mixed reactions in Saskatchewan. It's the water... a little arsenic... and a lot more? And, a layperson's guide to risk assessments — from your friendly toxicologists at ATSDR.

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Federal Update State Updates
  • New Jersey seeks public comment on its discussion paper on dealing with unregulated organic contaminants
    Commentary: New Jersey has developed a very thoughtful discussion paper looking at how to deal with unregulated synthetic organic contaminants, primarily (at least initially) in groundwater. Five options are outlined and evaluated. Some possibly useful tools, not just to New Jersey-ites, are provided including Table 1 (PDF file, 2 pages),a spreadsheet of all USEPA drinking water standards by date adopted, and Table 2 (PDF file, 3 pages), a side-by-side of national, state and WHO constituent levels.

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Perchlorate MTBE Water Security
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Sodium Microbiological Arsenic
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Water Treatment
MEC Water Treatment Plant Optimization Services

Quality services that ensure safe drinking water -- McGuire Environmental Consultants, Inc. Water treatment plant optimization is a continuous process as utilities strive to not only meet current and future regulations but also to provide water of superior quality. With improved understanding of water chemistry and advances in technology, optimization can lead to the delivery of a higher quality product at a lower cost. McGuire Environmental Consultants is prepared to help utilities deal with water treatment plant optimization challenges.

For more information on these services, please contact Laurie Sullivan at lsullivan@mcguireinc.com or visit mcguireinc.com/wtpoptimization/.
Hardness Fluoridation
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Water Contamination Lead Radium Storage Tanks
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Far Out Interesting Water Stuff Membranes International Geographic Anomalies?
  • No, but due to a misreading of news sources, and unfamiliarity with the local terrain, last week's NEWS placed the small town of Biggs, IL across the river in Iowa. A more serious displacement occured in the case of Albany, OR — this is not the capital of New York state, but is in fact located in Oregon. Safedrinkingwater.com regrests the errors.
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