February 11, 2004 -- Vol. 5, No. 6
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If pigs could fly... could be an accurate description of the latest incarnation of the federal energy bill. If it smells like pork and goes oink!... it must be Congress at work... But, is MTBE immunity in or out? Rag mag's yardstick for drinking water quality needs calibration. When radioactivity is found in Florida, they sue, test and switch suppliers. Aussies use common sense to make sure affordable drinking water is available in night spots. New Wisconsin treatment plant uses some advanced technology and is a bargain! Where is the increased radioactivity in deep well coming from?

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Other Weird Water Issues
  • Victoria, AU develops voluntary guidelines for licensed facilities to make sure drinking water is as available as booze  Here are the guidelines
    Commentary: A pragmatic approach to try and reduce dramatically bad outcomes at facilities where alcohol is sold (and illicit drugs may be used). There also have been reports of nightclubs shutting off the cold water in restrooms in the U.S., but a preventative approach like the Australian one is probably unlikely here... Think of the opposition public health advocates see in this country when trying to make birth-control measures available to sexually-active teenagers. One would expect a similar response in this case - that having safe drinking water available in bars will encourage more drinking and drug use.

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Water Treatment Residuals: From Troublesome Sludge to Desirable Commodity

Quality services that ensure safe drinking water -- McGuire Environmental Consultants, Inc. McGuire Environmental Consultants, Inc. (MEC) offers specialty services to assist utilities in managing water treatment residuals (WTRs). We can assist utilities with recycle audits, Filter Backwash Recycle Rule (FBRR) compliance, arsenic residuals management, selection of innovative dewatering methods, and optimization of existing WTR facilities. Most importantly, we can help utilities determine the unique chemical and physical characteristics of their WTR, evaluate and recommend options, and establish a viable beneficial use program.

For more information on these services, please contact Jim DeWolfe at jdewolfe@mcguireinc.com or visit mcguireinc.com/wtr/.

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Fluorides Nitrogen Desalination International
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