December 3, 2003 -- Volume 4, No. 49 NEWS - The premier newsletter for the drinking water quality community.
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Washington DC may be first in war and first in peace but NJ wants to be first in the world of arsenic MCLs. Saltwater, saltwater everywhere and... now a drop to drink? Health Canada adopts new uranium IMAC which may not be PC? We're "flushed" with unused drugs because we don't have an option. When Washington says small water systems, they're talking small! The rains come and fire-ravaged watersheds wait with 'bated breath. Erin B's credibility called into question.

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State Updates
TTHMs - Compliance
Endocrine Disruptors
Groundwater Contamination Issues
Fire Aftermath
Water Treatment
Taste And Odors
Distribution System: WQ Issues
Private Well Issues
Risk Assessments: Children

State Updates Arsenic
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Microbiological TTHMs - Compliance
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Radionuclides Endocrine Disruptors
  • Unused drugs: Flushing down the drain is not the best solution, but where's the alternative plan? (Duluth News Tribune, November 30)
    Commentary:  Despite the huge uncertainties related to trace amounts of pharmaceuticals and other manmade products in water sources, there is sufficient reason to exercise precaution by taking reasonable measures to minimize the controllable discharge of unused, unwanted drugs. Where is the leadership from the USEPA and others in the US on this issue?

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Groundwater Contamination Issues Fire Aftermath
MEC Water Treatment Plant Optimization Services

Quality services that ensure safe drinking water -- McGuire Environmental Consultants, Inc. Water treatment plant optimization is a continuous process as utilities strive to not only meet current and future regulations but also to provide water of superior quality. With improved understand of water chemistry and advances in technology, optimization can lead to the delivery of a higher quality product at a lower cost. McGuire Environmental Consultants is prepared to assist utilities deal with water treatment plant optimization challenges.

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Water Treatment Taste and Odors Water Security Perchlorate
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MTBE Distribution System: Water Quality Issues
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Nitrate Desalination
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Private Well Issues Risk Assessments: Children
  • Children's health and the environment and Framework for assessing risk to children's health (Environmental Health Perspectives abstracts, PDF files, 9 and 6 pages)
    Commentary: Children's health issues in risk assessments were highlighted in the Food Quality Protection Act, especially with regard to pesticides, and, to some degree, in the SDWA. The concerns are summarized: "Infants and children are not little adults. They are uniquely vulnerable to environmental toxicants."

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