October 15, 2003 -- Volume 4, No. 42
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The brief on who's suing who in Lodi. It's official--60 more days to tell EPA what to do with their new rules. Aussies have a lot to say on water quality issues. Even well drilling can cause groundwater problems. Water utilities optimize their treatment plants and their customers like it. What are those state health guys looking for anyway? Waterborne disease report identifies "the weakest link." Crypto is gone from New Zealand system and was never there in Kansas. Website on perchlorate lists the myths — and the truths?

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Microbiological Perchlorate
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Water Lawsuits VOCs-Tank Coatings Uncovered Finished Water Reservoirs
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Source Water Protection
Water Treatment Residuals: From Troublesome Sludge to Desirable Commodity

Water Treatment Residuals
Presentation by Michelle Frey, PhD, PE at the California-Nevada AWWA 2003 Annual Fall Conference, October 2003.
McGuire Environmental Consultants, Inc. (MEC) offers specialty services to assist utilities in managing water treatment residuals (WTRs).

We can assist utilities with recycle audits, Filter Backwash Recycle Rule (FBRR) compliance, arsenic residuals management, selection of innovative dewatering methods, and optimization of existing WTR facilities. Most importantly, we can help utilities determine the unique chemical and physical characteristics of their WTR, evaluate and recommend options, and establish a viable beneficial use program.

For more information on these services, please contact Jim DeWolfe at jdewolfe@mcguireinc.com or visit mcguireinc.com/wtr/.

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SDWA Compliance Issues Security Nitrate
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Groundwater Contamination Water Treatment Newsletters
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Private Wells International
Website Design and Development
WaterWeb.net offers a full range of services that will transform your website into an effective communication tool between your utility and your customers. Learn how our web services can help your water utility.
• Website Design
• Website Maintenance
• Site Marketing and Promotion
• Search Engine Optimization
• E-commerce
• User Surveys/Self Assessments/Decision Trees
• E-mail Newsletters
• Project Management

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