March 26, 2003 -- Volume 4, No. 13 NEWS - The premier newsletter for the drinking water quality community.
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Concerns raised that DOD "Monopoly" will receive "Get-out-of-jail-free pass" on perchlorate.  NJ takes a non-conventional look at what's in drinking water supplies........Lyme Disease is not an issue with these TICs!  California gives up $2.4 million to settle lawsuit about its pollution regulators' role in groundwater contamination.  Social and monetary costs of precautionary boil water order are significant.....but the cost is a lot higher if an outbreak occurs.  All you wanted to know about endocrine disruptors and were look!  EPA finally gets its arsenic MCL right. In NY, any amount of atrazine must be too much.


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  • Press misleads public on atrazine in Poughkeepsie, NY's water supply (Poughkeepsie Journal, March 22)
    Commentary: The City's report that NO atrazine has been found in treated drinking water in repeated samples should have been of some importance to the newspaper.  The finding by USGS of 0.5 ppb (the EPA MCL is 3 ppb), apparently in a raw water sample, is touted as "the highest level found in the state."


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