March 12, 2003 -- Volume 4, No. 11 NEWS - The premier newsletter for the drinking water quality community.
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Fallon, NV schools are "suddenly" confronted with issue of arsenic in drinking water. California arsenic PHG proposal gets mixed reactions depending on... how much is currently in the local water. Four years separate perchlorate MCL dates: Proposed legislation vs. reality!  TCE gets another strike against it. Florida law would preclude lawsuits against PCE... wonder who that might benefit?  New Jersey study adds to data on weird stuff in water sources. W.R. Grace contaminant plume in Massachusetts not subject to "A Civil Action." Lotsa news from down under and new IWA publication is launched.

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Quality services that ensure safe drinking water -- McGuire Environmental Consultants, Inc. McGuire Environmental Consultants, Inc. offers clients assistance in developing strategies to protect, enhance and secure water resources. MEC staff has extensive practical experience in the development of groundwater storage and conjunctive use programs, water management and incentive programs, and water rates. Drought management planning and administration is another area in which MEC can help your utility. Additionally, MEC staff have wide experience as facilitators in helping utilities to develop strategic and water resources plans through consensus-based decision making processes.

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  • The Australian Water Association provides regular news updates through its online news. AWA also has an excellent journal "Water" The current issue has articles on NOM in drinking water sources, competition of NOM and MIB for GAC and a review of treatment practices in Australia.
    Commentary: The unique Aussie take on things is shown, not just in referring to their land as "Oz" but also in stories like this recent one from an Australian engineer in Cambodia reporting on the need for educating the public about water issues, especially those in academic settings: His son, in a PhD program at a major university, forwarded an email he had received that the university was "installing a new water metre tomorrow morning and would be shutting off the water for an hour". His son asked "Would that be something to do with the rhythm or the length of the water, do you think?"

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