March 5, 2003 -- Volume 4, No. 10 NEWS - The premier newsletter for the drinking water quality community.
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Newsflash— California will issue a Pubic Health Goal for arsenic this Friday. The number is expected to be REALLY low. Watch for a NEWS ALERT from us with more details.

This week's NEWS
USEPA wins on its home turf......rads rules upheld in DC in US appellate court. And the Court gets cute with its Latin phrasing. CA legislator's scripted hearing concludes that chromium Blue Ribbon panel report was tainted by COI. Arsenic in India gets in Cupid's way. Nebraska may say "I Do!" and Hawaii "I Don't!" on fluoridation. But, will California say "You will!" - ? Super scammers caught in Dateline's bright glare.....with hidden cameras. US Senator decides EPA is taking too long on perchlorate MCL. Water associations tell EPA they are "mad as hell...and they aren't going to take it anymore"......regarding Stage 2 DBPs. Risk to children will get more weight in EPA cancer assessment.

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Proving once again that NEWS readers are up on their geography (and maintain some pride in their state!), several Alert Readers wrote last week to tell us that we had mistakenly placed Pierce County and the City of Tacoma in Oregon, instead of Washington State. NEWS regrets the error.

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