January 29, 2003 -- Volume 4, No. 5
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This week's NEWS
California legislation to increase regulation of bottled water is pushed by an interesting partnership. NYC gets EPA slap on the wrist for not following strict public notification procedures for high turbidity spike in unfiltered supply in 2002. Report raises the question: If groundwater is contaminated, is that resource lost? Swimming in gray water in Lake Shasta and........where else?  Training opportunity on EDCs, PhACs, and PPCPs in groundwater. Hot debate on atrazine and the drinking water MCL heats up in Louisiana.  Farmer foiling dam blow-up down under shows need for "a fair dinkum dictionary."

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  • ATSDR will conduct public health assessments in a Connecticut town relative to low TCE and DCP levels  (New Haven Register, January 28)
    Commentary:  The news headlines about Cheshire's water could have been written for a sensationalist tabloid rag: "Drinking water...shows decline in two TOXINS! The amount of two POISONOUS chemicals in ....drinking water has declined over 20 years."  This, despite the apparent facts that the levels of the two chemicals have been below the federal MCLs (which are, you might recall, based on very conservative risk estimates) over the past 15 years and there is no evidence of any higher incidence of cancer in the community.

  • CalPIRG's new "environmental" arm releases report on water resources lost to contamination in California   Officials in one of the areas cited in the report say "Who's going to provide the funding for cleanup?" (Whittier Daily News, January 27) 
    Commentary: While water utilities do not mind that such reports increase the focus on providing cleanup funding and holding polluters responsible (whether the pollution is from septic tanks, gas stations or industries), this report provides nothing really new. Opinions differ as to whether a water resource is "lost" when it becomes contaminated or does the contamination just raise the cost to consumers? It is not at all clear why contamination of 160 acre-feet of groundwater in San Diego that is not used for drinking water makes the list of eight "significant problems" along with those affecting thousands of acre-feet. Maybe there was a need to capture the attention of certain San Diego area legislators?

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