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Perchlorate risk assessment in California gets messier and messier (those are not French words!) as litigation impacts peer-review process. Possible investment advice: Buy a private water-testing lab in NJ. Colorado city on brink of issuing milestone report on fluoridation. EPA provides updated and improved database for contaminant occurrence. Environmental groups give water vending machine company the old one-two punch! There's "chemical cocktails," high benzene levels, not-fit-for-a-dog water, and Lead-210 all lingering in the news.

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MEC can assist utilities in identifying new Stage 2B DBPR compliance locations and determining waiver eligibility, and offers the expertise required for the development of an IDSE Standard Monitoring Plan (SMP). In addition, MEC has led the way in using innovative methods such as hydraulic models, tracer studies, DBP kinetic modeling and integrated probabilistic models as part of the System Specific Study (SSS) requirement. Most importantly, we can help utilities by collaboratively interfacing with primacy agencies on issues regarding implementation, standard monitoring requirements and final IDSE report requirements and submissions.

Planning ahead and deciding which model is appropriate for your system can be a complex process. MEC can provide critical guidance and recommendations for improving distribution system water quality.

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