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The Feds are on the move: LT2ESWTR and Stage 2 DBP rule status update!  New York City dodges the filtration bullet again by making its "suit of armor" stronger!  Many reports on water quality/treatment from a down-under conference.   Zinc orthophosphate questioned in Hawaii as it is initiated in California. Finally, relief for ravages of Cryptosporidium-induced illness....if you're a kid! Colorado River perchlorate "sneaks" into desert groundwater..... but will this and other perchlorate detections slow down the development of a drinking water standard? Water from the Land of Oz sets new records for audacity and price!  Public notification: all is not what it seems to be?  Recycled water advocates speak out.

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Correction (AKA "Alert Reader Department")
Proving it's not just foreign countries that sometimes confuse us... In last week's NEWS we should have identified Pawtucket, RI as the community where a fight over the choice of contractor to build a new WTP is taking place. The NEWS regrets the error.

Federal Update
Water Treatment Compliance
  • New York City gets extension of filtration waiver from USEPA (USEPA Region 2 Press Release, November 26) and the City has a lot to do to hold up their end of the deal (New York Times, November 26, free site registration required)
    Commentary: The New York City filtration avoidance determination already has a long history (EPA granted the first conditional FAD in 1993) and is destined to be a subject of public interest far into the future (i.e., UV treatment to be on line in 2009). The size and complexity of the issue led one interested observer to compare the New York City watershed protection program to restoration of the Everglades and, although alligators are not specifically mentioned, there are probably some out there.

Public Notification Issues
Water Scams
Water Recycling
Water Contamination
  • Employee claims Ft. Lauderdale doesn't disinfect "short" pipelines
    (South Florida Sun-Sentinel, November 27)

    Commentary: Whistle-blower or disgruntled plaintiff-employee? Much ado about a small but important operational aspect of disinfecting laterals from mains to customer's property line.  Accusations of employees falsifying testing records are heavy-duty stuff.

  • Montana railroad company begins project to prevent movement of vinyl chloride to drinking water wells (Great Falls Tribune, November 28)
    Commentary: Vinyl chloride + sodium lactate = ?? (From a Florida State DEP document: "The sodium lactate serves as the electron donor in a reductive dechlorination chemical reaction that occurs as the indigenous microorganisms in the aquifer at a contaminated site degrade chlorinated hydrocarbon solvents to the ultimate degradation products of ethane and ethene.")

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