November 20, 2002 -- Volume 3, No. 47 NEWS -- the premier newsletter for the drinking water quality industry.

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Guidance on self-assessment of security vulnerability provided for medium-sized systems. No "negatives" for chloramines and photo finishing. Debate on perchlorate "safe" level for Aberdeen, MD cleanup has national implications. Arsenic concerns continue in New Mexico and Bangladesh, while Fallon cancer cluster investigation goes on. If boiling the water for one minute is good, does that mean 5 minutes is better? Q: What did Don Quixote have over Waukesha, WI? A: His windmills were not erected by the USEPA. Grassroots activist kick-starts fluoridation in Maine community. Chlorine is out of favor in Rhode Island, Newfoundland and Scotland.

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Public Notification
  • Florida newspaper boil water advisory not effective (St. Petersburg Times, November 12)
    Commentary: Boil Water Advisories are usually put into effect using the broadcast media, not only for the quick response time possible, but also because newspaper circulation does not provide 100% coverage. By the way, what are they trying to kill by boiling the water for more than one minute?

Water Treatment Issues
Is Your Utility Considering a Switch to Chloramines?

Quality services that ensure safe drinking water -- McGuire Environmental Consultants, Inc. McGuire Environmental Consultants, Inc. is on the cutting edge of developing and implementing techniques for converting to chloramines and managing nitrification. Our more than 20 years of experience in this specialty includes converting two systems serving 18 million people to chloramines, consulting on several others, and is responsible for high quality chloraminated water in dozens of other utility systems.

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  • In Maryland, cleanup awaits an answer to the burning question: What is the safe level for perchlorate? (Baltimore Sun, November 14)
    Commentary: This lengthy article looks at the critical issue facing local, state & federal officials, including EPA and DOD, in the area of the Aberdeen Proving Ground. The DOD's position of "no standard, no cleanup" may appear to be inconsistent with their commitment to resolve military base contamination problems.  However, the target "safe levels" for perchlorate are floating all over the map.....literally the U.S. map, as the regulatory or advisory levels in various states vary widely, especially from the higher level suggested by military-sponsored researchers.

  • Research on methods to reduce perchlorate (AQUA, November 2002, abstract)
Water Contamination
Focus on Fallon Cancer Cluster
Water Recycling
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