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Possible drinking water link to amoeba in Arizona town still up in the air. Aussie drinking water guidelines provide simple but profound message. Canada's proposed SDWA gets lukewarm responses. PA will help you achieve CE if you use your ESP and don't take a false PENNSTEP!!!! It's all about viability.  EPA convenes meeting to dialogue about those pesky dist. system WQ issues.......Seattle's a good place to do it.  Oh, oh!  Lawyers are being left to their creative imaginations with NJ well testing law. Mr. Shine is turning over in Wyoming, MI........bottling tap water is still bottled water?  It's election time in the US.......a few of the votes are specifically about water, but the big water issues could be impacted dramatically by congressional & gubernatorial outcomes! Enviro group releases last-minute report to affect CA bond measure vote.

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Federal Update
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State Updates
Meningitis Deaths vs Drinking Water?
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MEC Perchlorate Services

Quality services that ensure safe drinking water -- McGuire Environmental Consultants, Inc. MEC has been active in perchlorate issues since discovery of the contaminant in drinking water in 1997. Since then, MEC has been a consultant to numerous water systems, worked with both manufacturers of treatment technologies and potentially responsible parties (PRPs), and has given expert witness testimony on perchlorate related matters.

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Source Water Protection
  • Morro Bay restarts standby desal unit and uses innovative GW injection program to keep MTBE plume away (San Luis Obispo County Tribune, November 1)
    Commentary: A shutdown of its main imported water source is forcing (enabling?) the City of Morro Bay to test a new iron-removal pretreatment filter which it hopes will allow use of a $5.4 million desalination plant installed in 1992 for drought-proofing but never successfully used due to the membrane-fouling iron.  The City is also trying out a plan to create a clean-water, GW injection barrier to prevent MTBE migration to its wells.  Both the filter and the new wells were funded through an MTBE-lawsuit settlement.

Water Reports
  • Environmental group seeks to influence vote on California ballot measure with report News coverage in the four targeted cities doesn't reflect utilities' concerns about misleading aspects of the report: Fresno (Fresno Bee, October 30), San Diego (North County Times, October 31), Los Angeles (LA Daily News, October 31), and San Francisco (San Francisco Chronicle, October 30)
    Commentary: NRDC has a long history of releasing reports on drinking water carefully timed to influence key congressional votes, such as on the SDWA or the Farm Bill. This report highlighting four California cities was apparently rushed to release ahead of a similar report on other U.S. utilities in order to influence the vote on Prop. 50, an omnibus water measure much more about wetlands, the environment, and water management than it is about drinking water quality. (The fate of the $3.4 billion bond measure was not known at press time.)

Operator Certification
  • Dynamic duo take on huge Pakistan city's huge water problems  
    (San Francisco Chronicle, November 1)

    Commentary: The scope and nature of the drinking water crisis facing 14 million people in Karachi is revealed in this article. Where do you start to address such a huge water system's multitude of problems: inadequate supply leading to outages, low-pressure and contamination. The Pakistani general says...we gotta have data!  Despite chlorination, boiling any water one drinks in Karachi, including bottled, is recommended.

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