October 30, 2002 -- Volume 3, No. 44
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Arsenic and old lawsuits never die........they just go on and on and on, but this one has a new twist: Get the Feds out of the drinking water! And in RI, North Kingston wants to keep chlorine out of its drinking water. WQ analysts can chew on a feast of analytical-methods news from EPA. CCR competition in Minnesota is explained. Canadian water association survey on disinfection and turbidity control practices highlights the diversity of approaches. To boil or not to boil, that is......one of the questions. All a utility really needs is an anti-terror gadfly to really confuse the issue.

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Canadian Regulatory News
Water Security
  • Bogus "anti-terrorist" raises public concerns in Elk Grove, CA
    (Sacramento News & Review, October 17)
    Commentary: We debated the advisability of linking this item because it gives attention to an individual with perhaps questionable motivations. However, it was deemed important that utilities and others see the potential adverse effects of what misguided persons, regardless of the sincerity of their motives, can cause. Raising public awareness is a lofty goal. Causing unnecessary alarm and fear is not.

Water Treatment
Boil Water Advisory
  • Rhode Island town issues boil water advisory after E. coli confirmed
    (Providence Journal, October 25)
    Commentary: North Kingstown very effectively used their website to keep residents fully informed, including a clear identification of the specific locations (streets) affected since the contamination was confined to one of three zones. A classic quote by the Town Manager of an unchlorinated water system: "North Kingstown does not disinfect its water, in part because it does not want to add chemicals to it," Kerbel said. "We don't want to do that now," Kerbel said. "We are proud of our water."

No Boil Water Advisory?
  • Construction in Staten Island, NY system turns tap water brown (NY1 News, October 26)
    Commentary: Without making a judgment as to whether or not a BWA should have been issued, since all of the facts reviewed by water utility and health officials are not available, it is interesting to note the apparent lack of a BWA in this situation. In recent months, the safedrinkingwater.com NEWS has reported a number of BWA's by utilities country-wide when there was a loss of pressure but no discernible WQ degradation.

Lead and Copper
  • Florida high school finally meets lead and copper requirements (Palm Beach Post, October 28)
    Commentary:  Contradicting the basic principle for conducting science experiments that its teachers likely advocate in the science lab (that of changing only one variable at a time) the school replaced copper pipe with PVC, started corrosion-control treatment and reduced retention time in the system.  But, who can knock success!

Water-Health Link?
  • Two Arizona meniningitis deaths blamed on drinking water (Arizona Republic, October 29)
    Commentary: The amoeba is not identified in the news article but it "sounds like" Naegleria fowleri which is associated with warm, natural waters.  The mode of infection is usually through water being forced into the nostrils such as might occur when a person jumps feet-first into the water.  The amoeba then enters the brain and spinal column.  The few cases identified each year are almost always associated with swimming in warm, low-flow water bodies or hot springs.

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