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Participants sought for AwwaRF T&O survey. Perchlorate cleanup or lack thereof is either too slow or too fast or....both? One good turn deserves another: You help me prevent waterborne disease and I'll sue you....if arsenic shows up. What's black & sticky, but makes Alabama water taste good? What's yellow and orange & makes Carolina water......well, yellow and orange? Crypto, THMs, public notices: Scotch and water, anyone? Important meetings coming up on perchlorate, and everything about groundwater.

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Groundwater Contamination

Taste and Odor

  • Utility participants sought for AwwaRF survey on taste & odor capability
    McGuire Environmental Consultants, Inc. is recruiting drinking water utilities to participate in an on-line survey as part of AwwaRF Project 2777, "Water Utility Self-Assessment for the Management of Aesthetic Issues". The project is intended to develop guidance for utility self-assessment to identify potential and real T&O problems, to manage them when they occur, and to facilitate communications during T&O events within the utility and with the public. The issues addressed also may apply to other water quality crises a utility might encounter where public and stakeholder communication is important.

  • Powdered carbon is treatment of choice for Alabama city's taste and odor problems
    (Huntsville Times, August 1)


Legal issues

MEC Services: Groundwater Contamination Assessment and Control

Quality services that ensure safe drinking water -- McGuire Environmental Consultants, Inc. One of the MEC specialty services is groundwater contamination assessment and control. Our staff has superior expertise, experience, and technical ability to assist your groundwater issues, including: water quality evaluations, selection of an appropriate and cost-effective treatment process, facilitation of regional groundwater contamination solutions, litigation support, and more.

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Water Treatment



Cryptosporidium and Trihalomethanes

Water Security

Recycled Water



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