August 7, 2002 -- Volume 3, No. 32 NEWS -- the premier newsletter for the drinking water quality industry.

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News magazine covers the waterfront with its cover story: Costly, Dirty, and Scarce! Them's fighting words! An alternative approach to lead and copper compliance is floated in Michigan: flushing and fixtures. Lake Tahoe utility rolling in dough after MTBE settlement. Would you like your bottled water with Viagra? No? Then, how about some goat drool and worm poop? A "real" expert analyzes bottled water marketing......and the cost comparison is eye-catching. Be sure and catch the new rock band in Sacramento: Xena and the Biotics! State drinking water programs communicate....but, all of those State newsletters and not even one "Drips and Droplets." MWD says "Yung tubig namin" in the Philippine Mabalacat vernacular. Crypto stirs up big concern in Scotland.

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Quality services that ensure safe drinking water -- McGuire Environmental Consultants, Inc. Developing an arsenic strategy that incorporates regulatory compliance, monitoring programs, treatment options, and arsenic removal can be an extremely complicated process.

McGuire Environmental Consultants, Inc. is a specialty firm whose goal is to help utilities produce safe drinking water. We have extensive arsenic expertise and offer a range of services that can assist your utility in developing an arsenic strategy and becoming arsenic compliant.

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