June 5, 2002 -- Volume 3, No. 23
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No MCLs for sodium, manganese or sulfate! Arsenic problems and solutions abound and Fallon, NV area joint treatment plant is a go. Dandelion wine may make a comeback if 2,4-D ban-advocates are successful. Results-oriented US Army is ready and anxious to mount attack on Cape Cod perchlorate. When in Taiwan, do as the locals do: boil the water? One solution to sewage discharge on a watershed: export it! Pigs put out the poop on drug-resistant bugs.

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"I am one of the three new Account Executives which is a newly developed position within Utilities. The purpose of this program is to place the most knowledgeable voice as the representative of the organization in order to deliver superior service to the customer. This position will entail cross-training in all areas of Utilities from Water Quality and Lab to Solid Waste. I feel this publication will be a useful tool in staying up to date on our Safe Drinking Water and the technologies involved."

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Federal Activities



  • Military begins perchlorate cleanup of key groundwater source (Cap Cod Times, June 1)
    Commentary: The Army wants to be turned loose to attack..........perchlorate before it leaves the reservation. Some amazing quotes from an action-oriented commander who wants to go "beyond perpetual study" noting that after $94 million has been spent, "we have not cleaned up a single drop of water." EPA officials express "surprise" at the length, breadth and concentration of perchlorate contamination.
  • Perchlorate detected near Maryland community wells (Sunspot.net, June 3)
    Commentary: Another "surprise" with more military base-contamination "dangerously close" to Aberdeen's wells. How many more surprises will there be before EPA decides whether or not to regulate perchlorate in drinking water in...........2006?

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