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Research suggests TTHMs enter the bloodstream from showering; health and regulatory implications unclear but may be significant. Can small water system customers afford new regulations? And what does that mean for cost-benefit analyses? Ethylene glycol in drinking water again......and it's not even wintertime in Chicago! Like other things, cross-connections happen! EPA wants input on managing atrazine risk. Mark Thursday, May 9th for a free, online water security seminar! And.....chloramination is rockin' in Tampa Bay with Horrible Howie and The Iguanas!

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Water System Security

Trihalomethane Research

  • Research shows trihalomethane levels in bloodstream increase after showering (University of North Carolina press release, May 2) Information on ordering the full report on the research can be found here
    Commentary: The difficult problem of getting good exposure assessment of the public to drinking water constituents is addressed in this study but it demonstrates that controlling variables is really tough. (Think about getting study subjects to submit to blood testing within minutes of getting out of the shower!) While the exposure in showering clearly increased blood levels of TTHMs, there was not a significant correlation of blood TTHM levels with tap water concentrations. Another exposure route to be considered in MCL calculations?

Cross-Connection Issues

State Updates

Federal Activities

Groundwater Contamination

Microbiological Research

Water Recycling



Water Treatment

  • San Diego County town gets new ultrafiltration plant (San Diego Union-Tribune, May 1)
  • Tampa Bay prepares for chloramination switchover (St. Petersburg Times, May 3)
    Commentary: Some areas served by Tampa Bay will soon join many other US cities in getting chloramines to address TTHM regulatory issues. Showing the power of suggestion, utilities started receiving "ammonia taste" complaints BEFORE the switchover was started. Florida's own Dave Barry would say: Horrible Howie and The Iguanas is a great name for a rock band!

MTBE and Ethanol



  • Basic science knowledge not Americans' strong suit (Columbus Dispatch, May 2)
    Commentary The fact that 70% of the water-consuming public does not understand the scientific process exacerbates the problem that faces water utilities, along with health officials, in communicating the significance of low levels of chemicals and the level of risk associated. But it does help sales of bottled water containing nutraceuticals and...........shows why the Flintstones were so popular.


Frog Deformities, Part III


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