May 1, 2002 -- Volume 3, No. 18 NEWS -- the premier newsletter for the drinking water quality industry.

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Turn on your heartlight..........drink up! The business of water business is big.......and water quality helps make it so. Scarily high and increasing levels of lead in groundwater concern Massachusetts townsfolk. Walkerton consumers told "not to worry" about kidney ailment........but get a check-up! And what does phosphorous taste like? Communication gap down under as NZ area begins treating questionable quality source "warder" with the treated water to be better than "sliced bread." More bad news for frogs!

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•  Water Treatment Plant Operator II (Carson, CA)
•  Sr. Water Resources Engineer/Project Manager (Columbus & Cincinnati, OH)
•  Special Assistant to the Director of Water & Sewer Services (Nashville, TN)
•  Operations Supervisor (Los Angeles, CA)
•  Treatment and Distribution Supervisor I/II (Fremont, CA)
•  Water Resource Professional (West Chester , PA)
•  Project Manager (Knoxville, TN)
•  Water Quality Scientist I or II (Santa Clarita, CA)

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The Business of Water

  • Water supply and treatment is big...and many (LA Times, April 28)
    Commentary: An excellent article summarizing the current state of the water business in the US and World markets. The article focuses on water resources and it is our humble opinion that drinking water quality dramatically influences those water supplies available for selling, trading and brokering. The main reason that the Delta Wetlands project mentioned in the article has been stymied for 15 years is the legitimate concern of putting water with high total organic carbon levels into Delta water that is exported for drinking purposes.

Cross-Connection Issues

  • Antifreeze gets into Carson, Nevada school drinking water system (Reno Gazette-Journal, April 30) Valve failure is blamed (Reno Gazette-Journal, April 25)
    Commentary: The valve that failed is reported to cost $1000 and was scheduled to be replaced in June but wasn't when the entire cooling system was recently revamped as part of a $18 million project. Wonder what the total cost to the school district will be for providing alternative water, chemical toilets, etc. when it's all added up. Hopefully there will be no "health-impact" costs ..........or litigation fees.

Groundwater Contamination

Federal Issues

State Regulatory Update

Canadian Issues



Water Lawsuits


Taste and Odor



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