April 24, 2002 -- Volume 3, No. 17
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This week's NEWS

EPA seeks input on the coliform rule. LUST is on the minds of many as MTBE debate sees lots more heat, but not much light. Meanwhile, the light was shining on San Diego as infrastructure needs are spotlighted with the logical follow-up questions: How do we pay for it & Who pays? You can find out what's happening in Kansas by going to.... Nebraska! California's legislature may "bulk-up" CCRs with more about the PHGs. The serious consequences of cholera in Africa are examined.

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State Update

  • Minnesota's annual water system compliance report issued
  • Pending legislation would make California CCRs "thicker"
    Commentary: One objective of the federally-mandated Consumer Confidence Reports, which was agreed to by most stakeholders, was to make the reports on water quality easier for the public to understand. This proposed California legislation would confound that intent by mandating that health effects language would have to be included for almost any detection of any chemical at any level.....since most public health goals (like many MCLGs) are set below the practical analytical detection limit. (Note: California public water systems already report on any findings/detections of all regulated and unregulated chemicals.)

Federal Update

News from Canada

Security Issues

Infrastructure Issues

Water Treatment

Water Contamination



Water Lawsuits

MTBE and Ethanol

Underground Storage Tanks



  • New trends in bottled water enhancement (Newsday, April 17)
    Commentary:  While many in the drinking water community are concerned about the findings of pharmaceuticals in the environment, others are considering adding "nutraceuticals" to some bottled products.
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