April 17, 2002 -- Volume 3, No. 16
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All you ever wanted to know about the current status of EPA regulatory actions. UK looks in rearview mirror at 1988 alum overdose. Massachusetts gives good advice on CCRs. If you can't bring the radium in groundwater to the "salt-based water softener," then pump the salt into the aquifer. The jury is still out on that idea. But, the verdict is in for a Lake Tahoe area water agency and they like it. Next step: How much is too much MTBE worth? Hiding bad water quality data from consumers puts family out of business.....mostly. Damaging report on atrazine comes out as EPA considers re-licensing the pesticide. If fish could only talk about water security in Maryland. San Diego newspaper gibes anti-fluoride ideologues.

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Federal Regulatory Update


Legal Issues

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  • Report says water system spending inadequate (New York Times, April 10 - free registration required)
    Commentary: Many drinking water professionals have long opposed massive federal financial intervention in funding of water system improvements. However, the magnitude of the major water infrastructure improvements needed suggests that federal subsidies beyond low-interest loans may be essential.


Endocrine Disruptors

MTBE and Ethanol


Water Contamination

Source Water Issues




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