November 28, 2001 -- Volume 2, No. 47 NEWS -- the premier newsletter for the drinking water quality industry.

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Hexavalent chromium studies get underway at NTP.  Chlorination is subject of a legal challenge in California.  Food law requires assessing treatment of water for pesticides.  Drinking water does NOT cause least not in Melbourne.  EPA prepares best-seller on how to report UCMR be followed by 4 volumes on how to use the data.  War in a neighboring country is not the only problem threatening human existence in Pakistan--look out for Hayyat Water.  All of this.....and maybe more than you ever wanted to know about H2O, but you didn't know who to ask!

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Federal Regulatory Activity


  • California city goes to court to oppose state requirement to chlorinate well water (Lodi News Sentinel, November 21)
    Commentary:  The City of Lodi, under a rarely-used CA SDWA provision, has filed in Superior Court for a "writ of mandate" to have the court review a state health department compliance order which requires that continuous chlorination be initiated. Involved in the State's order and the City's response are a number of complexities including GAC treatment units on 6 of the City's 20+ wells, use of multiple-tube fermentation analytical tests, replacement samples, concerns about bio-film and customers' distaste for chlorinated water.








Groundwater Contamination

Taste and Odor

Water Treatment



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