November 21, 2001 -- Volume 2, No. 46 NEWS -- the premier newsletter for the drinking water quality industry.

This week's NEWS

It soon may be safe to bathe again in Rhode Island! All about arsenic: lawsuit chills philanthropic assistance to developing nations' safe water efforts; serendipity helps with arsenic mechanism discovery; arsenic in 1000s of private wells and uranium mines may foretell arsenic in ground water. "Dueling seminars" leave no excuse for being uninformed on water system security. Tasmanian devils may be needed to keep eels from making people feel "squirmy!" The only "turkey" this week occurred on The X-Files, but they did clear up (?) the chloramine question.

Great New Jobs on Job Reservoir!

•  Associate Civil Engineer (Sacramento, CA)

•  Assistant Civil Engineer I/II (Sacramento, CA)

•  Associate Civil Engineer/Associate Engineer (Civil) (San Jose, CA)

•  Assistant Control Systems Engineers I/II (San Jose, CA)

•  Industrial Pretreatment Program (IPP) Inspector (Burbank, CA)

•  Water/Wastewater Project Engineer (Denver, CO)

•  Water Systems Technician (Stanford, CA)

•  Maintenance Worker (Paramount, CA)

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Infrastructure Protection

Chlorine Gas Safety

  • Chlorine gas leaks at water and wastewater plants (Water Tech Online, November 16)
    Commentary: Chlorine gas safety at water and wastewater facilities has been raised as an issue by EPA's Office of Pesticide Programs as it reviews the registration of chlorine gas. The review is currently on the "back burner" at OPP. The argument has been made that training and certification issues related to use of chlorine in drinking water treatment should be addressed by EPA's Office of Drinking Water and Ground Water under the SDWA and by State primacy agencies as part of Operator Certification programs.


Uncovered Distribution Reservoirs

  • Santa Barbara, CA open reservoir solution debated (Santa Barbara News-Press, November 18)
    Commentary:  The tension between "a view for a few" and "water quality for all" fuels the debate in another water agency's approach to resolving an open reservoir issue.


State Regulatory Activity

Federal Regulatory Activity



International News


Water Treatment


  • "Regular" chloramines vindicated in X-Files
    Commentary: The X-Files secret agents find that "Chloramines are harmless.......unless someone has altered the molecular makeup to promote the mutation of offspring." Fortunately, the fictional EPA Deputy Director involved in this "No Emmy Episode" is no longer with us.

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