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"Everything you ever wanted to know about MTBE and were afraid to ask" will be answered anyway at NGRA conference, except for the big question: When (or if?) will USEPA answer California's plea for a waiver from the oxygenate requirement.  Northeast and Western Senators combine with a bill to get rid of it.  Arsenic cost panel meets and NRDC says (again) they will sue over the missed deadline whichever date it was (or is).  California DHS posts nineteen different ways (linguistically speaking) to say "I'm sorry... but this report is not in your language!" and a number of large water utilities are asked to provide information on their CCRs.  Glendale solves chromium impasse. USEPA has a current report available on the use of membranes for pathogen removal.  A reader takes exception to a claim made in an article on perchlorate linked in the last issue of NEWS.

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  • In last week's NEWS, a linked article (WaterTechOnline, May 18) described research on perchlorate treatment.  The article suggested there is currently no cost-effective method available to remove perchlorate.  Reader Carol Williams, Executive Officer of the Main San Gabriel Basin Watermaster takes exception: "This statement was true in 1997, but is no longer valid.  We have a perchlorate treatment facility in place here in the San Gabriel Valley, and it has been permitted by (California) DHS and is currently serving drinking water to the public.  Our plant uses ion-exchange technology similar to the one being studied through AWWARF."  The 2500 gpm plant is owned by the La Puente Valley County Water District.


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Bottled Water

  • Opposition to Perrier bottling plant in Wisconsin grows (Grist Magazine, May 21)
    Commentary: In what may be another example of "more than you wanted to know" about a topic, the magazine that bills itself as "A Beacon in The Fog" provides an in-depth and informative article on this hot, local issue which is complete with intrigue and good travel scenery.

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