April 11, 2001 -- Volume 2, No. 15
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A revolutionary idea pops up in the hexavalent chromium world: Health effects research to be done BEFORE deciding on a drinking water standard! But, just in case NTP is kidding, Senators introduce mandating-legislation. A new California public health goal for aluminum is unveiled slightly below the current state MCL. The arsenic debate continues with more legislative proposals, including the candidate for easiest-to-understand bill title from Congressman Waxman and 160 friends, while Doctor Waxman and his friends illustrate the toxicologist's "poison is in the dose" concept in New York. A new "Bull Run coalition" looks at water treatment options in Oregon and a variety of significant publications are available for bedtime reading.



  • California EPA's Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment publishes the technical documents for the final Public Health Goal for aluminum
    Commentary: The PHG for aluminum is 0.60 mg/l.  OEHHA received extensive comments on its proposed PHG of 0.06 mg/l including input from the Association of California Water Agencies whose comments were based largely on a comprehensive analysis by Fred Pontius. OEHHA considered the comments received and their revised PHG was based on a number of factors.

  • An updated, complete list of current PHGs


Operator Certification

Water Treatment
Unregulated Contaminant Monitoring
Small Water Systems
  • Small northern California system faces compliance and rate issues (Santa Rosa Press Democrat, April 5)
    Commentary:The problems faced by this small Sonoma County system of non-compliance with regulatory requirements, including non-reporting of water quality monitoring, and increased water rates are not that unusual for many small systems in the country.
USEPA Budget

Mentors Share With Young Water Professionals at CA/NV AWWAl

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