April 4, 2001 -- Volume 2, No. 14
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The Bush Administration action on arsenic -- to review, delay, withdraw, propose to withdraw, whatever -- elicits strong reactions, pro and con, including proposals to legislate a standard. The legality of the EPA action is questioned.  Reactions to California health agencies' plans to evaluate hexavalent chromium are favorable with no complaints about the process moving like molasses, something reserved for groundwater treatment.  Otherwise, a quiet water quality news week -- the perfect time to introduce our new look!  Please send any comments on our new design to webmaster@safedrinkingwater.com, and look for more exciting changes in the future!





  • Chromium commentary supports State actions (LA Times, April 1)

  • Molasses blend removes chromium (Water Tech Online, March 28)

  • Abstract on human ingestion of chromium (Toxicological Sciences, Vol. 60, pages 196-213)
    Commentary: The "physiologically based model" developed for human ingestion of chromium considers the difference in hexavalent and trivalent chromium and adds to the knowledge base on chromium health effects. It is not clear how it will impact the work of the proposed California blue-ribbon panel in addressing the issue of the carcinogenicity of ingested hexavalent chromium.

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