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Vol. 1, No.  7 --  December 20, 2000


This week's NEWS

A variety of situations involving microbiological contamination and boil water advisories are in the news and they reflect an increased concern about the significance of positive coliform and E. coli findings and different approaches by health agencies and utilities. An example of the "rippling" impact of the proposed USEPA arsenic rule may be seen in Albuquerque.  Fluoridation provides some interesting reading. 

Please Note!  This will be our final issue for the year 2000.  The safedrinkingwater.com NEWS staff will be taking a well-deserved rest from publishing the newsletter over the holidays, and we will see you again in the New Year.  Look for our next issue in your email box on January 3, and have a wonderful holiday season!


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  • SDWA "irrigation system" provisions hit small California communities (Vacaville Reporter, December 19)
    Commentary: Major decisions on installing central treatment facilities versus point-of-entry devices (with provisions for long-term O&M) are facing many developing rural areas where water systems have historically served primarily irrigation water but now have clusters of residential units as customers.


Arsenic and Recycled Water




Groundwater Cleanup




  • The Santa Monica fluoridation issue in perspective (Santa Monica Lookout, December 14)
  • A slightly different look at fluoridation  (Environmental News Network, November 29) 
    Commentary: Giving a new twist to the idea that there is a fluoridation "conspiracy" at work out there, a click on Stop Fluoridation Now at the bottom of the above site takes you directly to.........an interesting article on the discovery of the benefits of fluoride in preventing dental caries by the National Institute of Dental Health, National Institutes of Health. (Go direct to NIH)




Source Water Protection




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