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Previous alerts:

  The Death of Trace Contaminants (8/2/07)

  Hokie Hope: Orange and Maroon Effect (4/19/07)

  USEPA Finalizes Ground Water Rule (10/13/06)

  AWWA Regulatory Alert and Information Request (5/12/05)

  California Proposes Arsenic Public Health Goal of 4 ppt (3/7/03)

  Water Related Election Results (11/07/02)
  Congress Poised to Approve Anti-Terrorism Bill with Funding for Drinking Water Vulnerability Assessments (5/23/02)
  USDS Study of Pharmaceuticals and Other Organic Substances in US Surface Waters Published (3/13/02)
  EPA Releases Draft Toxicological Review and Risk Characterization for Perchlorate (1/18/02)
  Chlorate Action Level Reaffirmed by California Department of Health Services (CDHS) (1/17/02)

  EPA Announces Final Arsenic Standard of 10 ppb (10/31/01)
  California Chromium Advisory Panel Report (9/10/01)
  Senate Supports Tougher Arsenic Standard (8/02/01)
  USEPA Requests Arsenic MCL Comments (7/20/01)
  USEPA Filter Backwash Rule (5/25/01)
  Tucson Water Initiates Clearwater Project (5/4/01)
  Bush Action Creates Uncertainty About Arsenic Rule
  USEPA finalizes Arsenic MCL (1/17/01)

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