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Report by environmental groups on Trihalomethanes and Adverse Health Effects to be released this week

  • The Environmental Working Group and US Public Interest Research Group plan to release a detailed report on September 13 which relates disinfection byproducts to miscarriages, birth defects and cancer. The report, titled "Consider the Source," has been given to some media outlets but it is embargoed until Thursday, so media coverage can be expected then.
    Commentary: The report does not take issue with the use of chlorine for water disinfection, but emphasizes the need for improved source water protection, a better system to track the incidence of diseases, and more funding for training small water system operators.

California Chromium Advisory Panel says "no link between ingested hexavalent chromium and cancer; hold off on MCL until more studies are done"

  • Press Release: OEHHA Receives Scientific Review Committee's Chromium 6 Report (OEHHA website)  The full report is available (32 pages,pdf file)
  • Chromium Advisory Panel recommends waiting on a standard until studies completed (LA Times, September 8)
    Commentary:  The Chromate Toxicity Review Committee, a blue-ribbon group of scientists convened by the state under UC auspices to review the health aspects of hexavalent chromium in general, and OEHHA's health risk assessment leading to the PHG for total chromium in particular, has concluded that they found "no basis in either the epidemiological or animal data published in the literature for concluding that orally ingested Cr(VI) is a carcinogen."  They recommend that California state officials hold off on their risk assessment until the NTP study is completed, which will take several years.  Significantly, they also state that "the current California MCL for total chromium of 50 ppb should be deemed protective of human health."

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