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Jennifer Smith is the Managing Editor of the newsletter, and she makes it happen every week. She lives in Austin, Texas, with her family.

Chet Anderson is the Senior Editor and he works with Jennifer to create the newsletter and provide a quality control service. He claims to be "somewhat retired" in the woods of Northern California near Mendocino. 

Mike McGuire is the Publisher and provides overall direction and some content. He is located at the offices of Michael J. McGuire, Inc., in Los Angeles, California.

Erica Rosen, the Webmaster, maintains the website and makes the newsletter look pretty every week, and works out of Boston, Massachusetts.

To reach the staff by email, please click on an individual's name below. This will allow you to send an email that will be forwarded to them. For general comments or information, please send an email to

Publisher:  Michael J. McGuire
Senior Editor:  Chet Anderson
Managing Editor:  Jennifer Smith
Webmaster:  Erica Rosen

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