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Last issue and farewell from the editors
Last issue and farewell from the editors
While our newsletter ceased publication on September 16, 2008, I am maintaining the site because of the important record that was captured by our eight years of weekly stories on drinking water quality in the U.S. and the world. Many of the links in the stories are still live. Browse through them. I think that you will enjoy the serious content and the whimsical commentary.

I am currently writing two blogs, which you may find useful. This Day in Water History is a blog about historical happenings in the fields of drinking water and wastewater keyed to calendar dates. Some of the posts are quite serious and others try to lighten up the discussion of history. Some of the posts are about events that have had worldwide implications and others are somewhat obscure.

Safedrinkingwaterdotcom (notice the reference!) publishes longer essays about interesting water quality topics that I author, and contributions from guest bloggers who express their ideas and points of view.

I am active on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest, Tumblr and Google+. If you are interested in water history, you should purchase my book "The Chlorine Revolution: Water Disinfection and the Fight to Save Lives."

You can reach me by sending an email to mike AT michaeljmcguire DOT com (where AT = @ and DOT = .)

There are several good newsletters that cover the water and wastewater fields. I recommend that you try BC Water News. They have regional newsletters that link interesting stories in our business. However, if you are a consultant, don't even try. They will not let you subscribe.

The URL has been taken over by someone else and they are posting jobs for the water industry and other fields. I also suggest that you visit BC Water Jobs. They have lots of listings for water jobs all over the U.S.

- Michael J. McGuire

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